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The smarter solution for cargo hold cleaning






The challenges of cargo hold cleaning






How to ensure the cleaning result


To minimise time in port


Ensuring the health and safety of crew


Magnitude of area to be cleaned


Keeping cost at a minimum


Sourcing and support in global waters












Cleaning Procedure 完整的清洗步驟



江蘇爵納We presume they didn’t any cargo stain accumulation.


The cargo hold cleaning procedures is separated for five stages.


a. Prewashing 預洗

b. Chemical Application 化學品清洗

c. Man Power Cleaning / Wash down 人工擦洗 / 高壓水沖洗

d. Inspection & final flush with fresh water 檢查 / 最后一遍淡水沖洗

e apply the temporary protection layer 噴上臨時保護涂層,為下載貨做好準備





Personal Protection Kit EDP576843

個人防護套裝 產品編號 576843



江蘇爵納For regular cleaning jobs we can provide a personal protection kit consisting of a coverall of PVC an apron of the same material, protective helmet with visor and chemical protective gloves

對于日常的清洗工作,我們可以提供個人防護用品套裝。其中包括 PVC 圍裙,可視頭盔個防化手套

When working with aggressive chemicals use appropriate safety gear

當需要接觸到腐蝕性的化學品時,需要使用適當的 安全防護設備












Regarding the Petroleum Coke

關于石油焦炭 (煅燒的或未煅燒的)



江蘇爵納Uncalcined petroleum coke is liable to heat and ignite spontaneously when not loaded and transported under the provisions of this entry


The general cleaning and maintenance is very important , especially for those 

loading “dirty cargo” such as coal , pet coke and pencil pitch..if there is no

cleaning after discharging for few month , it will be very hard to clean the hold

surface .


煤,煤焦油,瀝青礦等。 如果連續幾個月在卸貨后沒有做清潔,那接下來的


In some case some spot fire occurred and very difficult to remove off. The only

solution is to use neat cleaning chemical with manually scrubbing , or re-paint










Some Tough Case





New and improved equipment kit

全新升級的洗艙設備 EDP 778855



Our new Unitor Panamax Cargo Hold Cleaning Kit includes everything you need, ready to use, and easy to assemble. With the improved design it is easy to manoeuvre and operate. This means safer operations for your crew in accordance with MLC regulations.

我們新的Unitor Panamax Cargo Hold Cleaning Kit包括你洗艙作業所需要的一切,安裝簡單.改進后的設計使操作更加簡單,并且安全的操作是符合MLC規則的



Panamax Cargo Hold Cleaning Kit

巴拿馬型洗艙設備 EDP 產品編號 778855


江蘇爵納Consists of: 整套設備包括

Chemical Applicator 155 化學品混合槽罐155升

Panamax Lance 噴槍

Dual Bar Nozzle 高壓水炮

3 different nozzlesTonado Cleaning Jet


45m water supply hose with Storz C Coupling


50m ½” Air Hose With Quick Connectors x 3

3根1/2” 空氣管帶接頭

50m ¾” Yellow Liquid Hose PVC


Tripod And Wheel Kit Guide Wire Kit Chemical Suit

三腳架 平衡輪 鋼絲繩 防化服

Rubble Safety Boots Size 43 And Drum Wrench


User Manual / Cargo Cleaning Quick Guide


2x600L 100% Recycle Containers




What if you could do cargo hold cleaning easier,

safer and more efficient?




江蘇爵納Plug-and-play cargo hold cleaning kit with everything you need


New kit components offering improved functionality


Easy to operate equipment


High-performing chemicals


Easy-to-read supporting literature, including

e-learnings and demonstration videos


Our cargo hold cleaning solution is available 24/7 globally at your

main bulk ports





A unique combination of Unitor equipment and chemicals

Unitor 洗艙設備和化學清洗劑的完美組合



A successful cargo hold cleaning operation is dependant on using the correct equipment together

with the correct type of cleaning chemicals.


Unitor Cargo Hold Cleaning Kits + Unitor Cargo Hold Cleaning Chemicals = The smarter solution for

cargo hold cleaning.




Chemicals that work for you to achieve great results




A successful cargo hold cleaning operation is dependant on using the correct equipment together

with the correct type of cleaning chemicals.


Unitor Cargo Hold Cleaning Kits + Unitor Cargo Hold Cleaning Chemicals = The smarter solution for

cargo hold cleaning.




New high performance chemicals




The brand new Unitor Slip-Coat Plus is a liquid, water resistant barrier designed to perform maximum

protection of the holds and efficiency during transport and unloading operations. It is specially

formulated to protect the paint and prevent cargo deposits from adhering to the surface. It is based on

FDA approved ingredients enabling carriage of grain and other foodstuffs.

Unitor Slip-Coat Plus 是一種液體,它可以給貨艙提供最大的防水保護屏障,提高運輸和卸載時的效率. 這

種特殊的配方可以防止貨物附著艙壁. 其中的成份是PDA批準使用的,適用于糧食和其他食品運輸

**** 1 Liter of Slip Coat / Plus can cover 10-15 m2 1升的Slip Coat / Plus 可以覆蓋10-15平方的艙壁



The clear advantage of Slip-Coat Plus

Slip-Coat Plus的明顯優勢


Years of experience with temporary hold coating has resulted in the development of our brand new Slip-Coat Plus.

基于WSS多年的貨艙臨時涂層的生產和研究經驗,我們推出了全新的Slip-Coat Plus A new generation of temporary cargo coating that will let you clean your holds far more efficiently.





Experience the difference with our new Slip-Coat Plus

看看Slip Coat Plus 如何與眾不同




Customer Practice








Customer Practice



Background : cleaning cargo holds after discharging pet coke & Already existing lime

protected coverage that placed for sulphur cargo 裝硫磺前噴涂了石灰水作保護層,然后裝/卸了煤焦油后的洗艙





Chemical Application






Slip Coat : Temporary protection coating for dry cargo , can be washed down by water.


Slip Coat Plus: Temporary protection coating for wet cargo , be washed down by Aquataff High Form with 10% solution

臨時保護涂層,適用于濕貨,涂層可用 10% 的 Aquataff High Form 溶液沖洗



Bulk Cargo Hold Wash Water Discharge

And Cargo Declaration Under Marpol Annex V


Outside Special Areas the discharge of HME(harmful to the marine environment) cargo residues contained in hold wash water is allowed, under certain predefined conditions, until 31 December 2015.


The cleaning chemical and/ or cargo residue should certified as Non-HME including the hold coating if discharging out of special area.


in the last 70 years owners/ operaters using Limewash which destroyed ships holds and costs owners/operators hundreds of thousands of dollars in cleaning costs each year . 在過去70年間,船東/承租方使用石灰水最為臨時保護涂層,不僅損壞了貨

艙油漆,還花費了數以萬計的美元用于清洗石灰涂層 。

Nowadays Australia Government is working on formulate a policy to prohibited to use the lime coating due to environmental

issue. 現今,澳洲當局正著手制定規則禁止使用石灰水最為臨時涂層-為了環保的要求

Slip Coat / Slip Coat Plus

This composition meets the criteria for not being harmful to the marine environment according to MARPOL Annex V and may be discharged into the sea when used to clean cargo holds and external surfaces on ships.




It’s simply cargo hold cleaning done better




江蘇爵納Reduced turnaround time in port


Keeping you in compliance with relevant regulations


Easy, safe and efficient operations


High quality reusable equipment and high performance chemicals


Predictable cost


Total port call solution including agency services


Global availability with single point of contact through our 24/7 customer

service centres


We make cargo hold cleaning easier, safer and more efficient!



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下一個: 纜繩

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